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Time:Aug 4th, 2022

How to Extend The Service Life of Belt Conveyor Cover

Belt conveyor cover should be installed in accordance with the correct requirements. The conveyor cover is installed when there are relevant provisions, although the belt machine rain cover is installed in the outdoor use, but it is also limited in service life, in order to extend the life of the rain cover to a greater extent, we need to be careful to care for it in our daily work. The aging resistance of the rain cover is better. Glass fiber reinforced plastic material not only has the performance, more importantly, this material can also resist aging, so its life is very long. And even if we put the rainproof cover in outdoor sunshine for a long time, it will not appear aging, desquamate and other phenomena because of sunshine exposure.
conveyor cover in cement plant
1.In order to extend the service life of the product to a large extent, in the daily work we should be careful to protect the belt machine rain cover, and regularly clean it.
2.We should install it according to the requirements. We should not install it randomly, and the model size of the rain cover should be consistent with the model of the conveyor belt.
3.Do not place heavy objects above it during installation and use. In the process of installation and daily use, we should pay attention to not place heavy objects above the rain cover.
4.The bearing capacity of the conveyor cover is limited, and the pressure of heavy objects may lead to the damage of the rain cover, thereby affecting its service life.
After the production of belt conveyor cover is a piece, they only need to be placed in the right position to fix when they are installed and used. Belt conveyor cover is a kind of rough processing products, so its delivery is relatively simple, we only need to put the size of the same rainproof cover together can be transported, rainproof cover in transport is directly naked, we do not need additional protection for it. If your conveyor cover is damaged or knocked during sports, you only need to contact our staff, we will send the corresponding materials, you only need to carry out simple repair on your own. Because the belt conveyor rain cover is made of rough processing method, so it is inevitable that there will be rough edges or uneven places around it, we only need to carry out simple repairs on the periphery.
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