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Time:Jul 29th, 2022

What are the advantages of secondary Mineral sizers

As we all know, crusher is the first step in the processing of almost all kinds of minerals, and this step plays an important role in the whole mineral processing process. Some minerals are broke to ensure that the material is not over-broke, but also need to maintain a certain fine particle size to meet the better application of the material in the whole process. Therefore, it is very important to develop a fine breaking type large double tooth roll breaker which is suitable for avoiding over breaking, to meet the urgent needs of domestic mines and to replace imports.
coal mineral sizers
mineral sizers designed and manufactured by Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd has compact structure, reasonable breaking mechanism and high output, which is very promising in some material breaking applications. This series breaker has the following characteristics:
(1) For the incoming material using the appropriate tooth shape, determine the appropriate α angle, β angle and spiral arrangement, so that large pieces of material are sheared, squeezed, bent and broke, and forced to discharge, and less than the product size of the material screened away. Only the large pieces of materials are broke, thus avoiding the defects of the size of materials broke at the same time, so that the material reaches a certain degree of fineness, while avoiding the phenomenon of over-breaking. With this breaker, the breaking process can be simplified, and the finished product can be directly selected open circuit without checking the screening.
(2) The size of the product is strictly guaranteed, and the special center distance is selected for the size of the material to be broke. Because the center distance is fixed, the material can be forcibly broke. In addition, there is a breaking bar under the breaking roller, which can break and screen the material again, so that the size of the broke material can be strictly controlled and the finished product size and fine grain content can be guaranteed.
(3) The mineral sizers structure is compact, the internal force of the breaker is balanced, and there is no vibration, especially the height of the breaker is low. This can effectively use the space size to reduce the strength requirements of the plant and save the infrastructure investment, especially suitable for use as a mobile or semi-mobile breaking plant breaking equipment.
(4) The breaking tooth sleeve adopts the whole segmented casting structure, which simplifies the structural design of the rolls and facilitates disassembly and assembly. In addition, the material selection adopts high performance alloy steel or over-welded wear-resistant alloy to improve the wear resistance in order to adapt to the requirements of various ores.
(5) 2PLS series mineral sizers automation degree is high electronic control using PLS automatic control system can monitor the whole machine Once the crusher feed more bogging phenomenon, the whole system immediately alarm each interlock control feeder to stop feeding. Crusher for reversing, and thus the crusher and the whole system for protection 2PLS series crusher crushing original is mainly for the material extrusion, shear, bending to crush. According to the physical properties of the material and the requirements of the feed and discharge size to reasonably select the tooth shape, tooth height and roller diameter, spacing, and then a certain angle of the special cloth teeth. The material is bitten into once and discharged smoothly (because of the special cloth teeth). The incoming material which is smaller than the size is not involved in crushing and discharged directly, so that the over crushing is small and uniform, which reduces the energy consumption, and also reduces the prescreening process to save money and improve the processing capacity. 
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