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PRESS RELEASE Oct 07, 2021
This is the Best Way to Use the Heavy Duty Apron Feeder
PRESS RELEASE Apr 27, 2021
Installation and Maintenance of Sizer Crusher
PRESS RELEASE Jan 03, 2019
Bucket Elevator Supplier’s View about Bucket Elevator
Vibratory Separator Manufacturer
How to solve some common problems of vibratory separator
Now, vibratory separator has been widely used in all walks of life, industrial production and people's life are inseparable from vibratory separator.However, the vibratory separator may be threatened by various potential damages during its operation.Below we simply understand the vibratory separator of a few common failures and processing methods.
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Apron Feeder
What should be paid attention to in the installation and operation of apron feeder
Apron feeder is a kind of strong impact resistance feeding equipment, widely used in coal, cement, sand production lines, metallurgy and other industries.Henan Excellen Machinery co.,Ltd. Has the advantages of high impact resistance, long continuous working hours, stable operation, suitable for harsh working conditions and so on.Our products are exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, The United States, Britain, France, Russia and other countries.
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belt bucket elevator
Solution for belt slip and belt deviation of belt bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator often encounters problems of belt slipping and belt deviation. There may be several reasons for these two situations. One is that the belt is too long, which will lead to belt slipping; the other is that the belt will run off due to inconsistent tensioning force.
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heavy duty apron feeder
Brief introduction of heavy duty apron feeder and installation precautions
Heavy duty apron feeder is widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement and other industrial sectors, short transport equipment is more convenient, due to its long-term under the bad working condition, therefore has a certain requirements on the reliability of its design, which requires the designer in the heavy duty apron feeder design requires not only a strict calculation, also need to have appropriate experience of personnel for guidance.
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vibratory separator
Basic structure and working principle of vibratory separator
Vibratory separator is a kind of special, high precision fine grain screening machine, mainly suitable for screening grain, flake material, fine powder, micro powder, super light, super fine material. The sieve of dry and wet materials, the separation and recovery of solids in liquid, can also be used for the filtration recovery of wastewater and other operations. Widely used in mining, building materials, metallurgy, casting, abrasive, cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, glass and other industries.
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trommel screen
How to maintain the trommel screen and cautions for use
The trommel screen is one of the general screening machines. It has the characteristics of simple structure, simple operation, and different sizes of materials can be obtained within a certain range by replacing the screen.It is suitable for the separation of different particles.
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Have Duty Apron Feeder
The principle and application of apron feeder are introduced in detail
Apron feeder is generally divided into heavy, medium and light three kinds, is a concentrator commonly used feeding equipment.Light apron feeder is a continuous feeding machine, which is suitable for short distance conveying of bulk materials with particle size of 160mm or less.In mines, concentrators, chemical industry, cement, building materials and other departments.
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vibratory separator
Performance analysis of vibratory separator in use
How does the vibratory separator operate and work during use?I believe that there are many friends do not understand the reason, and how it works.When the vibratory separator works, it is through the vertical motor rotation so that the vibrator generates reverse exciting force, forcing the screen body to drive the screen to do longitudinal movement, so that the material on it is stimulated force and periodically thrown forward a range, so as to complete the material screening work.So that's how it works.This vibratory separator is widely used in particle, powder, food, ceramics, and other ind
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Vibratory separator
What is the cause of leakage of vibratory separator
Some customers often encounter screen damage and box leakage in the process of daily use of vibratory separator, which not only increases the cost of using vibratory separator, but also affects the efficiency of screening. The common reasons for screen damage and box leakage are summarized as follows
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trommel screen
Difference between shaft-trommel screen and shaft-less trommel screen
Trommel screen is a kind of machinery widely used in sorting technology, which controls garbage sorting by the size of particle size. Drum sieve can be divided into shafted trommel screen and shafeless trommel screen. These two kinds of equipment have many differences, and we classify them according to the working principle and outstanding advantages.
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belt bucket elevator
How to choose the belt for bucket elevator
TD series belt bucket elevator is a kind of national standard of bucket elevator, the series bucket elevator belt transmission is used to improve the material, mainly suitable for powder, granular and small pieces of material for the vertical ascend, suitable for vertical conveying of bulk density is not greater than 1.5 t/m3 powder, granulated and small lump of grinding cut less material, such as grain, coal, cement, finely ore, etc.
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Trommel Screen
What are the characteristics of trommel screen structure
Trommel screen is a new generation of screening equipment. Trommel screen is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet. The whole is tilted from the ground plane, and the outside is sealed with a sealed isolation cover to prevent environmental pollution. Through the speed change and reduction system, the sieve cylinder rotates at a certain speed, and the material is separated from top to bottom through the sieve cylinder. Fine material is discharged from the lower end of the sieve cylinder, while coarse material is discharged from the lower end of t
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Trommel Screen Manufacturer
How to reduce the damage to trommel screen
In terms of performance and function, trommel screen is a very excellent equipment, which makes a great contribution to industrial production. It takes eccentric block as the exciting force, which has great exciting force and strength in the process of operation. When connecting, the sieve cross beam and the sieve box are made of high-strength bolts, which are simple in structure, simple in maintenance, convenient in use and have many functions. It applies the tire coupling, carries on the flexible connection, the operation has the high stability, guarantees the high performance. It also has s
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vibratory separator manufacturer
What are the influences of the number of layers on vibratory separator
Vibratory separator is a kind of high precision fine powder screening machine, with the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, quick screen change, fully closed structure, and suitable for grain, powder, mucus and other materials screening and filtering. Vibratory separator is taken a vertical motor as the source of excitation. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with a eccentric hammer, which changes the motor's rotation motion into a horizontal, vertical and sloping three-dimensional motion, and then transfers the motion to the screen surface. By adjusting the phase A
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vibratory separator manufacturer
What is the double layer stainless steel vibratory separator
Vibratory separator is a kind of high precision fine powder screening machine, with low noise, high efficiency, fast screen change only 3-5 minutes, fully closed structure and other characteristics, suitable for grain, powder, mucus and other materials screening and filtering.
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Conveyor Idler Manufacturer
What is the sealing design of belt Conveyor idlers used in coal miner
The working environment of coal mine humidity is high, dust concentration is high. The idler material has galvanized steel, chrome plating steel, carbon steel cast glue, carbon steel cast polyurethane, carbon steel thermoplastic, carbon steel spraying plastic, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, engineering plastics. The idler plays an important role in the belt conveyor system. Its rotation resistance and service life directly affect the selection of the conveyor performance and driving power.
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Trommel Screen Manufacturer
What is trommel screen
Trommel screen is widely used for screening all kinds of solid materials with particle size less than 300mm. It has many characteristics, such as high screening efficiency, low noise, small dust amount, long service life, small maintenance amount, convenient maintenance, etc. Its screening capacity is 60 tons/hour ~1000 tons/hour.
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Conveyor Idler
The basic content of idler bracket
The idler bracket structure is simple and firm. It is generally installed in belt conveyor and has the characteristics of many types and large quantities. The idler bracket can fix the idler and support the belt, which is an important supporting structure in the belt conveyor. The supporting bracket made of high quality material has the characteristics of stable performance and long service life.
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Trommel Screen
How to identify trommel screen and linear vibrating screen
Trommel screen is one of the general screening machines. It has the characteristics of simple structure, simple operation, and different sizes of materials can be obtained in a certain range by replacing the sieve. It is suitable for the sorting of different minerals. The basic working principle of trommel screen is that the minerals rotate to a certain height with the screen, because the effect of gravity is thrown down, thus achieve screening.
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compost tromel screen
Research and Design of Compost Trommel Screens
As a kind of livestock manure treatment method, aerobic composting has the advantages of safety, high efficiency and environmental protection, and has been widely applied. The mechanization and specialization of its production process have been improved continuously, so the corresponding requirements of the equipment have been put forward. In this paper, a compost trommel screening machine is designed for the screening operation in composting process, which has certain practical value and theoretical significance.
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Conveyor Idler Manufacturer
Importance of conveyor idler bracket to belt Conveyor
Conveyor Idler bracket is one of the important part of belt conveyor,this article will introduce the importance of conveyor idler bracket to belt conveyor
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Vibratory Separator Manufacturer
Cautions for users of Vibratory Separator
Vibratory separator is characterized by fine screening,suitable for high classification requirements of materials,it can be divided into 6 levels at most,so you need to operate in accordance with the requirements,such as:the installation of screen,the selection of screen mesh ,the adjustment of phase angle,and other operate cautions.
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Trommel Screen Manufacturer
Municipal solid waste trommel screen
Trommel screen is one of the most commonly used sieve equipment in solid waste treatment. Solid waste is classified according to particle size by screen body, and the screen body is installed obliquely when working. The solid waste entering the screen moves helically with the turning action of the sieve body. Under the action of gravity, the solid waste with particle size smaller than the sieve hole passes through the sieve hole and is screened under, while the solid waste larger than the sieve hole is discharged at the bottom of the sieve body.
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apron feeder manufacturer
Application of heavy duty apron feeder
Heavy duty apron feeder is widely used in mining,metallurgy,electric power,coal and etc industries because of its large feeding capacity,can withstand the direct impact of the large lump materials and the stable performance.it is not only suitable for the treatment of coarse material,fine material is also adaptability to the change of particle size,composition,temperature,viscosity,influence of frost,rain and snow or frozen material.uniform,accurate and reliable feed quantity.
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trommel screen manufacturer
GTS series trommel screen performance characteristics
The main structure of GTS series trommel screen is screening drum ,it is composed of thousands of round screens,the screen surface is generally composed of woven mesh or perforated sheet and frame,the whole trommel screen and the ground plane into an inclined state,with many advantages,such as:wide applicability of materials,High screening efficiency,large screening capacity,the low energy consumption,low noise,long service life,convenient maintenance and so on.
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