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PRESS RELEASE Oct 07, 2021
This is the Best Way to Use the Heavy Duty Apron Feeder
PRESS RELEASE Apr 27, 2021
Installation and Maintenance of Sizer Crusher
PRESS RELEASE Jan 03, 2019
Bucket Elevator Supplier’s View about Bucket Elevator
heat resistance trough chain conveyor
The improvement of heat resistance trough chain conveyor
trough chain conveyor has small volume, good seal, convenient installation and flexibly layout, which widely used for convey the bulking material in many industries. In metallury industry, due to the material charactistic, the metallurgy trough chain conveyor in design is more difficult than other industries. This paper mainly introduces the heat resistance trough chain conveyor’s improving solutions.
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heavy duty apron feeder
How to operating the heavy duty apron feeder
Heavy duty apron feeder is a continue tranfer equipment, which widely used in mining, chamical, metallurgy and other industries. It is mainly as a feeding or tranfer all kinds of bulk and abrasive bulk materials from the storage bin or transfer funnel to the crusher, mixing device or transportation equipment. It is one of improtant equipment for handling the ore and raw material and continue conveying materials.
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apron feeder supplier
The structure features of apron feeder used for high temperature material
Used for the sintering ore in 50 ~ 1000 degrees high temperature condition of the structural features of the apron feeder is installed in frame inside the dust and heat insulation cover, can effectively prolong the service life of bearing, dustproof seal cover is convenient for installation, heat dissipation, bearing material plate between lap yan, and there is a distance between two side drag chain, plate heat deformation does not affect the normal work of the drag chain, etc.
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heavy duty apron feeder
The structural characteristics of apron feeder for hot materials
The construction of an apron feeder for feeding agglomerate at high temperature of 500—1000℃features are as follow: a dust-proof heat insulating cover at the inner sides of its frame to efficiently extend the service life of the bearing. Dust proof cover is easy to installation, heat dissipation and lapping tightly between the material bearing plates. There is a distance between the two sides of the traction chain, plate heat deformation doesn’t affect the normal operation of the traction chain
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mining apron feeder
An analysis on the cause and solution of deviation of mining apron feeder
By analyzing the running deviation of apron feeder, and put forward the rapid tuning folk prescription apron feeder is a kind of mine auxiliary transporting equipment. This paper mainly about an analysis on the cause and solution of deviation of mining apron feeder
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compost trommel screen
Parameter design of compost trommel screen
By analyzing the main parameter of compost trommel screen and the movement characteristic of material in the trommel screen, the method of determining the main design parameters of the trash-drum screen is put forward.
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inclined conveyor
Sidewall belt conveyor applied for hydropower project
Sidewall belt conveyor consists of corrugated sidewall belt and diaphragm plate. As a kind of bulking material conveying machinary, sidewall belt conveyor has large conveyor inclined angle, it is the ideal equipment for conveying and lifting materials with large inclination angle. It can reduce the space and equipment investment, it has high economic efficiency, and widely used in coal, mining, grain, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. Besides, it also used in dry mix mortar production line to conveying the aggregate.
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sidewall belt conveyor
The failure and solution of sidewall belt conveyor
Sidewall belt conveyor not only has the features of large capacity, long conveying distance, low working friction, high efficiency, but also has the high lifting heighth, save space, simple structure, low invest cost. Sidewall belt conveyor is suitable for convey coal, sand, grain, cement and other materials.
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double inclined screen
Improvement of lubrication mode of inclined screen bearing
This paper mainly introduce the improvement of lubrication method of inclined screen bearing. According to analysing the practical example of dressing mill, the reasons and improvement measures of the bearing damage are provided.
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inclined screen
Discussion on the experiences of improving inclined screen’s capacity
Through analysis the crushing & screening equipment’s faults in HuaYin Aluminium Mine plant, This paper promotes a method that increasing the capacity of inclined screen by 40% and reducing the equipment failure rate of 60%. Its cost efficiency is very significant.
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grain drag chain conveyor
The Design of Drag Chain Conveyor for Rice Hull conveying
Rice hull is the main auxiliary material in brewing process, which needs short distance and close transportation. L-shaped drag chain conveyor is the machine suited for this condition. According to the characteristics of rice hull, and the re-quirement of the breakage rate of rice hull in brewing process, we provided the key points of drag chain conveyor design, including installation inclination angle, scraper chain, guide rail, dust prevention measures, position of discharge opening and etc, which provided reference for the development of drag chain conveyor suitable for rice hull transporta
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grain drag chain conveyor
Improvement of grain leakage in trough chain conveyor
Through the improvement of the trough drag conveyor, the danger of dust concentration exceeding the limit in the silo caused by opening the cover plates on both sides of the scraper head and tail to prevent blocking grain due to no cleaning hopper is eliminated. Besides, it improve the working environment, enhance the management level of production equipment. This paper mainly introduce the analysis and solution of grain leakage in trough drag conveyor.
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vibratory separtor for chemical fertilizer
Appliance and selection of Vibratory Separator for Chemical Fertilizer Unit
In order to reduce the quantity of urea dust,the vibratory and rotary vibratory screens are installed,respectively,in the transportation of bulk urea.The actual operation results show that the rotary vibratory screen has the advantages of high sieving rate per unit area,low impact on equipment, low failure rate,and low labor intensity for operating personnel,the sieving rate can be 12.21%一 20.71%,considerably higher than that of the vibratory screen,but the initial investment is high.
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trommel screen for wood chip
Parameter analysis for trommel screen
Parameter analysis is very important for the design of compost trommel screen. According to the required capacity of compost trommel screen and the characteristics of the materials to determined the trommel diameter, trommel length, trommel structure, trommel inclination and screen mesh and the vibrating speed of the trommel. Through those parameter to achieves the best screening performance.
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compost trommel screen
Research and design of compost trommel screen
As a kind of livestock manure treatment method, aerobic composting has the advantages of safety, high efficiency and environment protection, and has been widely applied. The mechanization and sepacializations of its production process have been improved continuously, so the corresponding requirements of the equipment have been put forward. In this paper, a compost trommel screen machine is designed for the screening operation in composting process, which has certain practical value and theoretical significance.
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sidewall belt conveyor
The structure design of sidewall belt conveyor
the sidewall belt conveyor is the key lifting equipment connecting grain warehouse and ground. It is an important part in conveying grain. This paper mainly introduces the structure feature of sidewall belt conveyor, emphatically analyzes the structure feature and selection point of sidewall conveyor belt.
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vibratory separator
The common failures and solutions of vibratory separator
Taking the revolutionary vibratory separator in chemical industry. Fertilizer Factory as an example,the failures dung its operation was studied and summarized, and the solution and reformation method were present. This paper mainly introduce the common failures and solutions of vibratory separator.
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Vibratory Separator for Gum powder
Key Technical Study of Vibratory Separator for Gum Powder Production
When the screening equipment of the gum production line is in operation,there are a large number of material particles which are small enough but can’t get through the screen cloth in time. These materials will then be shattered repeatedly to make a lot of materials with particle sizes smaller than 0.038 mm,therefore the quality of the products is influenced. To solve this problem,a study of the structure and operating principle of the vibratory separator is done. A new and high-efficient vibratory separator is designed,base on the structure of ordinary vibratory separator.
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Practice of Reducing Crushing Rate of Corn in Z type bucket elevator
Practice of Reducing Crushing Rate of Corn in Z type bucket elevator
In view of the high crushing rate of Z type bucket elevator in grain transportation process,The head section, tail section, slide chute and distributor are improved.After improvement, the throughput of corn increased by 13t/h, which was 34% higher than before.The added value of crushing rate decreased by 21 percentage points,It was 22% lower than before.Power consumption was reduced by 0.101kw*h/t, 26% lower than before.
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Prevention and control of coal dust particles of dust system
Prevention and control of coal dust particles of dust system--conveyor cover
This is a technical analysis about how to prevent dust during conveying coal by belt conveyor. The proposed a new type of conveyor cover architecture can be effectively carried out dust in the transport. Put forward effective methods for belt conveyor to effective dust control, also it is important to the protection of the environment.
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The main form of the Z-type bucket elevator’s body
The main form of the Z-type bucket elevator’s body
Z type bucket elevator is suitable for conveying all kinds of powdery materials and granular materials, and it is better to transport non-sticky materials. The biggest advantage is flexible in composition, low in damage rate of materials, can prevent the generation of defective products, and is suitable for various occasions where materials need to be softly treated. This paper mainly analyzes and introduces the body form and operation specifications of the Z type bucket elevator.
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The reform of save electricity in portable belt conveyor
The reform of save electricity in portable belt conveyor
Portable belt conveyor is a kind of lifting transport machinery and widely used in ports, stations, warehouses, freight yards and other industries. For ports, loading, unloading and handling of various kinds of bulk materials, bagged materials, small sundries and other materials, the use of belt conveyor as the main loading and unloading equipment, has a high efficiency of loading and unloading.However, in the actual running, the operating efficiency is not high, so these efficient loading and unloading equipment are difficult to play its efficient level.
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What is portable belt conveyor
What is portable belt conveyor
As a kind of new practical conveying tool, the portable belt conveyor solves the technical problem of low efficiency and flexibility in the process of conveying materials. The structure of portable belt conveyor includes the frame, roller, belt, universal wheel and baffle, which is reasonable design, convenient installation and operation, flexible operation, and widely used range.
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The layout and development prospect of mobile belt conveyor
The layout and development prospect of mobile belt conveyor
Mobile belt conveyors are also known as mobile feeders or mobile loading machines. Mobile belt conveyors are mainly used in ports, coal, warehouses, construction, gravel, farms and other industries. It is used for conveying bulk materials or bagged material weighing less than 100 kg at short-distance. This paper mainly introduces the layout difficulty and equipment advantages of the mobile belt conveyor, and looks forward to the development prospect of the mobile conveyor.
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Apron Feeders
Solution of heavy duty apron feeder chain plate adhesive
heavy duty apron feeder is used for coal, ore and other bulk material continuous supply equipment, because of its feeding capacity, long layout distance, stable performance and it can withstand the direct impact of large materials. It is widely used in ports, mines and other industries. However, due to the uncertainty of operating conditions, the phenomenon of feeding caused by sticky chain plate often occurs in the operating.
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