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PRESS RELEASE Oct 07, 2021
This is the Best Way to Use the Heavy Duty Apron Feeder
PRESS RELEASE Apr 27, 2021
Installation and Maintenance of Sizer Crusher
PRESS RELEASE Jan 03, 2019
Bucket Elevator Supplier’s View about Bucket Elevator
Conveyor Idler
The basic content of idler bracket
The idler bracket structure is simple and firm. It is generally installed in belt conveyor and has the characteristics of many types and large quantities. The idler bracket can fix the idler and support the belt, which is an important supporting structure in the belt conveyor. The supporting bracket made of high quality material has the characteristics of stable performance and long service life.
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Trommel Screen
How to identify trommel screen and linear vibrating screen
Trommel screen is one of the general screening machines. It has the characteristics of simple structure, simple operation, and different sizes of materials can be obtained in a certain range by replacing the sieve. It is suitable for the sorting of different minerals. The basic working principle of trommel screen is that the minerals rotate to a certain height with the screen, because the effect of gravity is thrown down, thus achieve screening.
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compost tromel screen
Research and Design of Compost Trommel Screens
As a kind of livestock manure treatment method, aerobic composting has the advantages of safety, high efficiency and environmental protection, and has been widely applied. The mechanization and specialization of its production process have been improved continuously, so the corresponding requirements of the equipment have been put forward. In this paper, a compost trommel screening machine is designed for the screening operation in composting process, which has certain practical value and theoretical significance.
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Conveyor Idler Manufacturer
Importance of conveyor idler bracket to belt Conveyor
Conveyor Idler bracket is one of the important part of belt conveyor,this article will introduce the importance of conveyor idler bracket to belt conveyor
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Vibratory Separator Manufacturer
Cautions for users of Vibratory Separator
Vibratory separator is characterized by fine screening,suitable for high classification requirements of materials,it can be divided into 6 levels at most,so you need to operate in accordance with the requirements,such as:the installation of screen,the selection of screen mesh ,the adjustment of phase angle,and other operate cautions.
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Trommel Screen Manufacturer
Municipal solid waste trommel screen
Trommel screen is one of the most commonly used sieve equipment in solid waste treatment. Solid waste is classified according to particle size by screen body, and the screen body is installed obliquely when working. The solid waste entering the screen moves helically with the turning action of the sieve body. Under the action of gravity, the solid waste with particle size smaller than the sieve hole passes through the sieve hole and is screened under, while the solid waste larger than the sieve hole is discharged at the bottom of the sieve body.
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apron feeder manufacturer
Application of heavy duty apron feeder
Heavy duty apron feeder is widely used in mining,metallurgy,electric power,coal and etc industries because of its large feeding capacity,can withstand the direct impact of the large lump materials and the stable performance.it is not only suitable for the treatment of coarse material,fine material is also adaptability to the change of particle size,composition,temperature,viscosity,influence of frost,rain and snow or frozen material.uniform,accurate and reliable feed quantity.
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trommel screen manufacturer
GTS series trommel screen performance characteristics
The main structure of GTS series trommel screen is screening drum ,it is composed of thousands of round screens,the screen surface is generally composed of woven mesh or perforated sheet and frame,the whole trommel screen and the ground plane into an inclined state,with many advantages,such as:wide applicability of materials,High screening efficiency,large screening capacity,the low energy consumption,low noise,long service life,convenient maintenance and so on.
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conveyor idler manufacturer
The Present Sealing Form of Belt Conveyor idler
At present, Chinese belt conveyor roller sealing structure is labyrinth seal form,It is necessary to combine the labyrinth seal with other seal forms so as to effectively improve the working efficiency of the roller In the design of the sealing structure. there are also some other special seal structure which are basically used in a specific environment.
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Belt Bucket Elevator manufacturer
The basic information about belt bucket elevator
belt bucket elevator is a continuous conveying machine that uses a series of buckets fixed uniformly on the endless traction members to lift materials vertically. belt bucket elevator is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, grain, gold, coal, electricity and other industries, used to lift all kinds of bulk materials.
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trommel screen
Application of trommel screen in the screening of camellia oleifera
Adopt trommel screen to classify the camellia olefin according to their different size can effectively reduce the rate of damage and improve the rate and clarity of shucking.
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conveyor idler
The significance of the design of conveyor idler spacing
the belt conveyor is composed of the driving pulley,bend pulley,idlers,driving device and the conveyor belt and so on,the idler is the most widely used and distributed component of belt conveyor,generally distributed throughout the whole belt conveyor,and its mass accounts for about 1/3 of the whole belt conveyor,therefore,the reasonable spacing of idlers is set can play a good supporting role for the conveying belt,ensure that the conveying belt always keeps the sag state,effectively reduce the running resistance,and achieve the goal of smooth operation of the whole belt conveyor.
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vibratory separator supplier
Experimental study on influence of vibration parameters on screening efficiency of vibratory separator,
The effects of vibration parameters on particle screening efficiency were studied by using dried silicon powder, molybdenum powder and zinc powder as typical materials, which is helpful to solve the problem of screen hole block and improve the screening efficiency of vibratory separator.
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vibratory separator supplier
The significance of phase Angle adjustment of vibratory separator heavy hammer
When the users using the vibrator separator,encounters low screening yield , the material cannot be screened down and the material cannot be discharged, the vibrator separator can be adjusted according to the situation of field use,they can adjust the angle of vibration motor,through adjust the phase angle of heavy hammer can change the material on the screen movement locus and standing time,thus changing the running track of the material and screening accuracy of the vibratory separator
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 three-layer vibratory separator
What is the structure of three-layer vibratory separator
XZS type vibratory separator adopts motor rotation to generate excitation force so that the screen body produces repeated type vibration. Its motion trajectory is a complex spatial three-dimensional curve. By adjusting the space and position angle of the upper and lower counter weight, it can effectively change the movement trajectory of materials, extend or shorten the residence time of materials on the screen, so as to achieve the ideal screening effect.
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vibratory separator manufacturer
XZS Series vibratory separator For Controlling The Size of Rare Earth Products
Rare earth powder sieving is an auxiliary process, but it not only determines the quality of the final commodity, but also has an important impact on product yield and environmental protection.Rotary vibrating sieve is an ideal choice to control the particle size of rare earth products.
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trough chain conveyo
How to reduce the grain crushing rate of trough chain conveyor
Due to the long conveying time and many links in the conveying process, the crushing of bulk grain is unavoidable, and the crushing rate is as high as 35% in the conveying process in serious cases. Therefore, it is urgent for grain depot to solve this problem. The main reason for the higher grain crushing rate is that the structure design of trough chain conveyor is not reasonable enough in the conveying process. So it is necessary to strengthen the debugging and transformation of the grain conveying system, reduce the damage rate, avoid grain waste and improve economic benefits.
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trough chain conveyor,
How to make trough chain conveyor without material residue
Along with the people to the value of sanitary conditions of grain feed stuffs, more and more people pay attention to the sanitary of food and feed processing equipment, which means in the process of each link of the discharge process, material requires no residue, no cross pollution, and the equipment requires simple mechanism and reliable operation. The new type of trough chain conveyor without material residue can realize material discharge without residue, avoid material cross contamination and material deterioration, and improve material quality.
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chain bucket elevator
How to optimize chain bucket elevator
As a new type of lifting product developed by introducing foreign advanced technology, chain bucket lifter is widely used in various industrial countries due to its features of energy saving, high efficiency, low noise and long service life. The chain bucket elevator is an inflow feeder, and the material flows into the hopper and is lifted to the top by the chain, and discharge by itself under the action of gravity of the material. Chain bucket elevator often has the phenomenon of chain plate falling off and cracking in the process of production.
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trough chain conveyor
How to apply the intelligent frequency conversion device to trough chain conveyor
In order to ensure the operation effect and service life of the trough chain conveyor, to avoid excessive electric current causing motor burn and power grid impact, as well as excessive torque damage to parts of the trough chain drive system, this paper analyzes the load characteristics of the trough chain conveyor in detail, and puts forward the method of controlling the trough chain conveyor with the intelligent frequency conversion device. Intelligent frequency conversion device can effectively control the trough chain conveyor in the process of operation to avoid the occurrence of excessiv
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vibratory separator
Why does the Vibratory Separator often break down?
Vibratory Separator has a great impact on the production security and stability as a general engineering machine, which often present various failures in the using process and prevent increase of productivity. To explore more concrete maintaining methods used on the common troubles of Vibratory Separator in the using process, some common failures in the use of Vibratory Separator are summarized , such as axle fracture, transmission failure, axle hyperpyrexia, shed oil, aging sifter and so on. The basic reason leading to the failure are indicated and finally the corresponding improvement strate
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belt bucket elevator
Self-locking Device for Belt Bucket Elevator
This paper provides a self-locking device for belt bucket elevator, which can automatically lock the adjusted tail wheel status, thus avoiding the disadvantages of belt bucket elevator causing the change of wheel status by free rotation during its operation.
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belt bucket elevator
The replaceable head of belt bucket elevator
This paper is to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology and provide a simple bucket type head hoist which can remove iron impurities such as nails from materials and reduce the cost of sprocket replacement.
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vibratory separator
Reciprocating vibratory separator
The utility model belongs to the application field of mechanical vibrating screen, in particular to a vibratory separator used in the tobacco industry. The purpose of this paper is to provide a reciprocating vibrating screen which can separate tobacco leaves from dust and sundry according to size.
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apron feeder
How to improve the design of the apron feeders
Apron feeders are a kind of quantitative feeding equipment for continuous conveying system of bulk materials. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, grain and other industry and has the characteristics of quantitative feeding and flexible process arrangement. This paper further improve the stability of apron feeders, better play the role of it.
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