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PRESS RELEASE Oct 07, 2021
This is the Best Way to Use the Heavy Duty Apron Feeder
PRESS RELEASE Apr 27, 2021
Installation and Maintenance of Sizer Crusher
PRESS RELEASE Jan 03, 2019
Bucket Elevator Supplier’s View about Bucket Elevator
apron feeder
What you cannot miss about apron feeder
Apron feeder a device for continuous conveying material machinery, mainly used in ore crushing feed, or overseas Chinese is horizontally segment from the storage bunker to the crusher, conveyor, or other work pattern in continuous evenly distribution or transfer of all loose material general fixed feeder apron feeder often and as crusher downstream feeding equipment, have the function of the impact resistant, can have very good protection around for the downstream equipment.
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apron feeder
Do you know what kind of chain the apron feeder has
Apron feeder is a kind of equipment to transport materials through the chain bearing phosphorus plate. The chain plays a vital role in the apron feeder.According to the different classification of apron feeder, the chain used is different, the selection of the chain has a greater impact on the overall performance and equipment cost, the need for a more detailed calculation of the tension of the chain, through analysis and calculation to adjust and reduce the tension of the chain, in order to choose the appropriate chain.
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corrugated sidewall belt conveyor
You want to know the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor belt deviation reason analysis and solution
corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is a large tilt angle, using a wave-shaped side conveyor belt transport scheme. There are some problems in the process of use, such as belt deviation, belt slip and so on. Here will be a detailed answer to the use of the belt conveyor in the process of belt deviation.
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vibratory separator
You must know the common problems and solutions of ultrasonic vibratory separator
Ultrasonic vibratory separator is a device that converts the frequency of 50HZ or 60HZ to 38K HZ high-frequency electric energy using ultrasonic meter. Thus, the purpose of high screening efficiency and automatic screening is achieved, making it possible to separate superfine powder.
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belt bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator production process
The belt bucket elevator is a kind of lifting equipment which USES the belt as the hanging bucket medium. The common belt bucket elevator is the ordinary TD belt bucket elevator and the efficient TDG belt bucket elevator. Our belt bucket elevator is mainly composed of head drive assembly including head drum and middle shell as well as tail bottom box, belt, hopper, etc. These components constitute the bucket elevator.
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conveyor idler
Brief introduction and maintenance of conveyor idlers
Conveyor idler is an important component of belt conveyor, belt conveyor is wearing parts, is also used in replacement of spare parts, most good conveyor idler directly affects the efficiency of belt conveyor, conveyor idler wear resistance, flexibility will have great effects on belt conveyor, we produce conveyor idler with flexible rotation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. IN the course of use and in the process of storage, the reference is also required to be well maintained, in order to ensure that the reference of our reference is of good service.
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apron feeder
Cause analysis and solution of apron feeder leakage
Apron feeder is a kind of effective impact resistant to downstream equipment feeding a device that apron feeder used pitch of 228.6 mm (9 inches) high strength bulldozer die forging for traction chain, chain around two installed in the head of a driven sprocket and body got behind a pair of tension wheel at the end of the closed loop, in every link of the two rows of chain on assembling the overlap each other, the transport of heavy structure slot as a continuous to carry material conveying line.The dead weight and material weight are supported by multi-row support wheel, chain support wheel a
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Belt Bucket Elevator
The difference between belt bucket elevator and chain bucket elevator
The bucket elevator can be divided into two categories according to the form of traction components: belt bucket elevator and chain bucket loader. The belt bucket elevator mainly USES belt tape to connect the hopper from low point to high point, while the chain bucket elevator mainly USES the form of chain fixed hopper to lift materials from low point to high point. The advantages and disadvantages of their main differences are as follows
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Vibratory Separator
Vibratory separator Installation and maintenance of equipment
Vibratory separator is a medium and light screening equipment, mainly used in ceramics, flour, paint, food, medicine, waste water treatment and other industries, this product has high screening precision, screening efficiency, low price and other advantages.We Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of screening equipment. We have advanced welding equipment and production technology. We also have a special quality control department and personnel to effectively guarantee the quality of our products.
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belt bucket elevator
Installation instructions for belt bucket elevator
Components of the belt bucket elevator department:belt bucket elevator department by the driving device (motor, reducer and base), coupling, on the belt wheel and bracket composition.
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carrying Idler
The detailed introduction and selection of carrying idler
Impact idler buffer carrying idler used in belt conveyor by where the slow blanking the impact on the conveyor belt, mainly for coal, coking plant, chemical plant and other corrosive environment and developed a kind of carrying idler, it itself has the toughness is 10 times more than ordinary metals, life expectancy of traditional column shoes five times, corrosion resistant flame retardant, antistatic, light weight and other characteristics, widely used in mining. High polymer material for carrying idler body of idler, its mechanical property is similar to bronze, has good wear resistance, an
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conveyor idler
What is the production process of conveyor idlers
The conveyor idler is an important part of the conveyer, its activity, and the wearability of the idler has a direct impact on the operation efficiency of the conveyer.Conveyor idler as an important part of the belt conveyor, need advanced tooling technology, need strict product quality control, we Henan Excellen Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional set of belt conveyor ready parts manufacturers, we have advanced equipment and perfect production technology and strict quality control system, effective guarantee of conveyor idler quality. To ensure the conveyor idler processing and assembly qua
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Trommel Screen
Characteristics and installation method of trommel screen
The trommel screen is a kind of machinery which is widely used in the separation technology. It is used to control the waste separation by the size of the particle size. The separation precision is high.The trommel of trommel screen is generally divided into several sections, depending on the specific situation, the sieve hole from small to large arrangement,
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apron feeder manufactrurer
Causes and solutions of chain deviation of apron feeder
Apron feeder is a continuous transport machine widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, ports, coal and chemical industry and mining enterprises. It is mainly used for continuously and uniformly supplying and transporting all kinds of bulk heavy and abrasive bulk materials to the crusher, batching device or transportation equipment from the storage bin or transfer funnel. It is one of the important and essential equipment’s in the process of ore and raw material treatment and continuous production
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apron feeder
Apron feeder used in various industries
Apron Feeder enjoys advantaged advantages over textured conveyors and feeders used in industries such as cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, biomass power plant, and renewable resources.Apron has two major advantages over other feeder kits
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vibratory separator
Main points of installation and precautions in use of vibratory separator
When installing, vibratory separator mounting universal casters on the base of the extension is convenient for arbitrary movement. In order to avoid displacement or noise reduction vibratory separator the above specifications vibratory separator the extension can install three vibration-reducing rubber pads (usually with random accessories) at the bottom of the vibratory separator seat. When installing vibratory separator..
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Belt Bucket Elevator
The type of belt bucket elevator and the solution of common trouble
Belt bucket ekevatir is a kind of equipment that lifts the hopper from low to high through belt. Common bucket loader consists of conventional TD type belt bucket loader and efficient TDG type belt bucket loader. Belt bucket loader consists of driving head, middle section, tail, belt, tension device, and so on.
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conveyor idler
The types of idler and a brief introduction
EXCTMACH is a professional manufacturer of idler, In order to ensure the production quality of conveyor idler, excellent tooling and equipment are needed.Our company has advanced Automatic Chamfering cutting machine for steel pipe,Automatic CO2 gas-shielded Dual-torch welding machine, Double end Automatic hole machine Tool for steel pipe, Automatic machine Tool for elevator Press Assembly, Roller Automatic paintingProduction line, and other equipmen. Our EXCT prudcttion conveyor idler The main types of steel carrying idler,return idler, impact idler, Self aligning idler, Comb idler, Spiral i
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belt bucket elevator
Analysis of torque calculation principle of belt bucket elevator
Analysis of transmission scheme. The belt bucket elevator is generally composed of prime mover, transmission and working device.Transmission device is used to transfer the prime mover motion and power, change its motion form to meet the needs of the working device, is an important part of the machine.Whether the transmission device is reasonable will directly affect the performance.
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vibratory separator
Application advantage of vibration separator in sewage treatment industry
Vibration separator is a kind of fine powder sieve with high precision, low noise and high efficiency.A quick net change takes 3-5 minutes.The vibration separator is fully enclosed structure, suitable for screening and filtration of particles, powder, mucus and other materials.The vibration separator is driven by an upright motor with an eccentric hammer at the top and bottom..vibratory separator plays an important role in wastewater treatment. It is an important equipment for separating water and solid impurities.
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belt bucket elevator
How to solve the common problems of belt bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator is a continuous conveying machine that lifts materials in the vertical direction. It has obvious advantages such as large conveying volume, high lifting height, stable and reliable operation, long service life, etc.
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Vibratory Separator Manufacturer
How to solve some common problems of vibratory separator
Now, vibratory separator has been widely used in all walks of life, industrial production and people's life are inseparable from vibratory separator.However, the vibratory separator may be threatened by various potential damages during its operation.Below we simply understand the vibratory separator of a few common failures and processing methods.
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Apron Feeder
What should be paid attention to in the installation and operation of apron feeder
Apron feeder is a kind of strong impact resistance feeding equipment, widely used in coal, cement, sand production lines, metallurgy and other industries.Henan Excellen Machinery co.,Ltd. Has the advantages of high impact resistance, long continuous working hours, stable operation, suitable for harsh working conditions and so on.Our products are exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, The United States, Britain, France, Russia and other countries.
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belt bucket elevator
Solution for belt slip and belt deviation of belt bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator often encounters problems of belt slipping and belt deviation. There may be several reasons for these two situations. One is that the belt is too long, which will lead to belt slipping; the other is that the belt will run off due to inconsistent tensioning force.
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heavy duty apron feeder
Brief introduction of heavy duty apron feeder and installation precautions
Heavy duty apron feeder is widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement and other industrial sectors, short transport equipment is more convenient, due to its long-term under the bad working condition, therefore has a certain requirements on the reliability of its design, which requires the designer in the heavy duty apron feeder design requires not only a strict calculation, also need to have appropriate experience of personnel for guidance.
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